UFC Scrambles To Find Last Minute Replacement For Khabib, Here’s Tony Ferguson’s Reaction…


Khabib was hospitalized after a tough weight cut and told by doctor’s that he has to pull out of his much-anticipated bout against Tony Ferguson for the interim 155 belt.

The UFC have been scrambling to find a replacement, but nothing has been announced yet. Nate Diaz was an option, but he is too heavy and wouldn’t be able to make weight in time. Michael Johnson is another option, and he wants the fight, he’s just waiting to hear whether or not Tony accepts it. Another choice is Lando Vannata, who has already fought Ferguson on short notice and put on a great showing and really used that fight to put his name on the map. No doubt he’s had Tony on the mind, and wanted to avenge that super close loss, so we’ll see who ends up getting the call…

Hopefully they’re able to set something up and find a replacement for Tony, and we’re sending our best wishes to Khabib in hopes that it’s nothing too serious and he’s able to recover quickly. It’s easy to attack the fighter who had to pull out, especially since Khabib has had to do this in the past due to injuries, but he’s the one who is losing here – so don’t be too hard on the guy.

Ferguson, who has taken some criticism in the past for not always being the classiest of guys, had a very classy response to Khabib pulling out so we’ve got to give him props for that. He must be really disappointed to miss out on his shot at the interim belt, but this could end up leading to a bigger fight for him, maybe against Conor when McGregor returns and is looking to add some 0’s to his net worth again.

We’ll keep you posted the second a replacement opponent is (hopefully) announced.

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