UFC Fan Drops In-Depth Conspiracy Theory That Cody Garbrandt Is Gay


One UFC fan over on Reddit has been watching TUF and playing very, very close attention.

We’re talking looking at facial twitches on Cody and subtle mannerisms, and they’ve come to the conclusion that he is gay. Despite the fact that Cody dates beautiful women (Including Paige Van Zant and his current boo), this reddit user has put together a series of clips and explanations. This is just a wild conspiracy theory, and frankly it doesn’t really matter whether Cody prefers men or women, and he seems like a guy who is comfortable enough with himself to not hide it if he was into guys.

Just for the record, we still consider Cody Garbrandt one of the 10 fighters who are most likely to steal your girl.

This strangely in-depth analysis comes after TJ Dillashaw said the following about Cody and Urijah’s relationship: “Urijah is Cody’s daddy”

1: The first piece is a scene from TUF when someone told Cody to ‘take off his underwear so he can get fu****.’ While everyone laughed, Cody looked a little too interested… This is when i first started getting strange vibes from Cody. I brushed it off as it was my first encounter with Cody’s man-love.”

2: The famous slap…

“This is kinda where it started for me. Cody is really going out of his way to get in TJ’s face. This entire episode Cody wants to confront TJ about anything. At :24 seconds Cody looks like he wants to kiss TJ, but for whatever reason, he doesn’t. So to assert his non-gay dominance, he doesn’t try to fight TJ. He instead goes for a choke. A sensual, standing-missionary, choke. I couldn’t help but get a sexual vibe from such a move right after Cody just tried to kiss TJ. Maybe he just has a man-crush on TJ. It happens.”

3: From Episode 1 of TUF 25…

“Cody again goes out of his way to corner TJ. This time calling him a bitch a few times. But for some reason, he’s not just calling him a bitch. It’s more like a low rumble of, “what betch.” It’s just too erotic. Following this scene, I recall a scene where Cody gently whispers in TJ’s ear, “you better stop getting outa line.” Now, I can’t find this video, but Cody does tell him to stop getting out of line in the link provided. What straight male whispers, “you better stop gett’n outta line.” I mean, he really sounds like “ima make you squeal like a pig boy,” from the movie Deliverance. You can’t deny the erotic undertones to Cody’s voice and/or the similar tones to Deliverance’s mountain man. And is TJ in on this? Does TJ know he needs not to get out of line because of some bedroom rules? Who is has the real snake here?”

4: “Where do i begin – Cody drinks a little and comes really close to chanting “BRO JOB BRO JOB BRO JOB!” He settles for “Hanging with the boiiiisss!” Are these two mantras synonymous? Probably not, but Cody isn’t a first time offender. It seems like a little more alcohol would have Cody doing more than draping his body around the other guys on his team. He seems to ignore the two hotties that are with him, but guns straight for his bros.

Is Cody a homosexual who has a cover as gym bro? Do you also get homo-erotic undertones when Cody whispers to you to, “stay in line?” And would you let Cody try to kiss you?

I think TUF will reveal more than who is the best-of-the-worst fighters of all time.”


Sooo, yeah, there you have it… Credit to TylertheDouche from reddit for this uhh.. whatever this was.

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