Throwback: GSP reveals how he hired somebody to sabotage BJ Penn


In this old interview from the archives, GSP goes into detail about his run-ins with BJ Penn, and how GSP was able to gain a mental and physical advantage moments before their fight took place.

Newer fans might not remember the whole “Greasegate” scancal, where BJ Penn was aggressively accusing Georges St. Pierre of cheating by having extra vaseline smeared on his body in an attempt to make it easier to avoid submissions.


You do see a member of GSP’s corner holding a little container of Vaseline, but ultimately nothing really came of it. BJ doesn’t have the greatest track record of sportsmanship – he’s ran up to bloody opponents and rubbed their faces so that he could lick the blood off his gloves, the guy is a total savage, and a legend, even if he went out like this.

Check out the start of this video for an introduction to the whole thing, BJ Penn giving his side of the story, GSP talking about the court case, and finally admitting to all of it.

“You know what? I’m tired. I’m giong to tell you the truth. Yes, I did cheat. I did cheat, everybody. I can’t deal with the pressure anymore. I’m falling apart. I did cheat, but not in the way people think. If you look at the fight closely, in BJ Penn’s entry to the octagon, you can see how I cheat. I hired a man to kiss BJ Penn on the mouth, and in that precise moment he lost all his strength and all his focus.”

Sarcastic GSP is probably our favorite GSP (Just in case anyone didn’t pick up on that…)

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