Sturdy Women Try To Land Suckerpunch In 2v1 Attack, Instantly Regret It


Let’s take gender out of it for a second. You should never hit someone who is just minding their own business, period. You shouldn’t try to sucker punch women, and you shouldn’t try to sucker punch men, regardless of which gender you are.

This young lady had a free shot on this taller guy, but totally wasted it because it’s clear she’s never thrown a punch before. That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with never throwing a punch in your life, but maybe now isn’t the best time to start? Whatever she’s frustrated about, this isn’t a good way to handle it. If you hit someone, or try to hit someone, who has actually been in fights and understands the severity of these acts of aggression, you’re going to get yourself into trouble.

Granted, the guy’s reaction was still a bit much. It goes beyond self-defense, when the attackers clearly have no idea what they’re doing. He wasn’t really in any danger here, even if  they landed, there was nothing behind the punches they sent to him, yet the dude’s retaliation slap was loaded.

There could be more to the story, but just from what we can see in this clip, the guy is walking along, the girl takes a swing at him, and he slaps her. If the girl know how to throw a punch, the guy could have been in real danger, instead it’s a 2v1 where neither of the two attackers really know what they’re doing, they’re just putting themselves in danger by getting into a fight they could never win.

It’s just not safe to go around and start physical fights with people, period, but especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. Take a second, take a deep breath, calm down, because if you start hitting people they’re going to hit back – that’s just a fact of life.

But we’ll send it over to you readers, what do you think about this one? Did the guy escalate things too quickly, or was it already escalated when there were two ladies attacking him?

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