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A Sexy Tribute To Ronda Rousey’s Career

Too Hot For TV

It’s been tough times for Ronda, and she’s had the whole world piling on, from other fighters to the press. In some ways, she brings it upon her self, but doesn’t anyone who really puts themselves out there in a big way? She took huge chances, put it all on the line, and came up  short two times in a row, but that doesn’t negate a whole career of absolute domination. There’s no denying that Ronda is a legend of women’s MMA, and may still even be the G.O.A.T, if she’s able to rebound.


Ronda Rousey has spoken about how she was body-shamed in her younger days (and even still, for that matter), which was a motivating factor in her modelling work. She would refuse to try to lose weight for a modelling gig, because she wanted to keep it real. People used to make fun of her when she was a kid because she had strong arms, but those same arms helped win her the UFC championship.


Even thought she’s not always the greatest role model, Ronda is real. She’s done a lot to inspire and motivate young girls (and boys too!), showing that they can get into male-dominated fields and still become the #1 in the business, in this case MMA, even if it’s not a super long reign. Everyone has their streaks and moments in MMA, and nothing lasts forever, but don’t start throwing dirt on Ronda’s grave just yet.

What remains to be seen is how she’ll bounce back. Ronda has earned more  than enough money to just enjoy the fruits of her work for the rest of her life, but she’s also got that champion mindset, she wants the belt back, she wants to be back on top, so it may be hard to just leave the sport for her. If she stays at the same training camp, it’s going to be tough, but she could still rack up wins over most of the division, it’s just the very pinnacle of the women’s 135 division has passed her by, but she can still beat people in the top 5, top 10… But she needs some adjustments until she’s beating the one wearing the belt.

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