See Another Side of Conor As He Breaks Down In Tears


Conor McGregor has a persona that he plays up because it’s earned him tens of millions of dollars, maybe even into the 100’s all said and done, not to mention positioned himself in a way that his biggest fights are still on the horizon. That’s not all due to his “persona”, obviously, because he can back it all up in the cage.

None the less, Conor McGregor is one of the most polarizing figures in MMA. People love him, or hate him, but either way – he’s always got people talking. Lately, he’s been laying low, enjoying life and getting to know his little baby boy who was just born.

Behind the quick witted trash talk, though, Conor – by all accounts – seems like a genuinely good dude who is just out there going for his dreams and managed to make it. It’s hard to hate on someone who knows what they want, and just goes for it. He changed the MMA game, there’s a very clear distinction between the pre-Conor era and the modern era. Lots of fighters are taking cues from him…

All of that aside, when we see these larger than life figures it’s easy to forget they’re just regular people sometimes. Here, Conor breaks down emotionally while sharing a tragic story about a fan. This is a throwback to UFC 189, but a lot of people haven’t seen this side of Conor.

There’s more to the fight game than just pumping up your net worth, and fighters can make a huge difference in the lives of their fans, and something that should always be encouraged.


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