Rory MacDonalds Breaks Silence Over “Most Embarassing Fight Of His Career”


Rory MacDonald is still one of the top guys in the game, even if he made the move over to Bellator. He needed some time to heal his busted nose (The same one he broke against Lawler), and he’s had tough fight after tough fight in the UFC, so hopefully he’s able to stack some cash over in Bellator, further develop his game, and eventually get a crack at that UFC belt.

Rory has a very adept analysys of his fight. He became obsessed with Wonderboy as some kind of Karate Kid wizard, and tried to go in there and use his own moves against him. It takes more than one camp to master the skills that Wonderboy has been working on his entire career. We’re not sure if that was the game plan all-along, because Tri-Star is known for great plans, but whatever happened – Rory’s obviously learned a lot from this loss, and we’re eager to see him get back in the cage again for Bellator.

“If I fight and leave it all out there, I’m happy. That fight.. it was a bit sour for me.”

As more and more fighters move to Bellator, it makes you wonder if this is the beginning of a shift in the MMA landscape. The UFC is going all-in on money fights. It’s not Bellator doesn’t have their share of freakshow fights, though, but at least as the scrappy underdog it’s easier to forgive them since they’re trying to play catch-up to the UFC.

In any case, here’s a look at the recent Rory Macdonald interview where he talks about his Wonderboy fight, ahead of the Wonderboy vs Woodley rematch coming up at UFC 209.

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