Ronda Rousey Threatens To Sue Training Partners Who Hit Her In Practise


We’ve heard rumors in the past that Ronda’s training partners were forced to sign gag orders that would prevent them from mentioning anything that happens while sparring or training with her. That seemed pretty crazy at the time, but now new rumors have surfaced that if you tag Ronda in training, you risk being sued for up to a million dollars.

Raquel Pennington revealed that she had to sign a non-disclure agreement in order to train with Ronda:

“I can’t really talk about how sparring went or what we did,” Pennington told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. “Ronda asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I did.”

Julianna Pena took it a step further, revealing that a fighter could be sued for a million bucks :

“These girls have to sign these waivers to say that ‘We never hit Ronda, and we’ll never talk about this type of training ever and all this stuff, you know? She’s not really taking the toll in the fight camp of getting punched in the face legitimately so she doesn’t really know what that feels like.”

“She’s a superstar and they don’t want to see her get any damage. So, it’s like whenever the girls would go hard on her, whenever they’d come forward and start banging it out on her, they’d tell them, ‘Hey. Knock it off. Stop it. Don’t hit her so hard and then sign this waiver and say that you were never here and that you never punched her. Don’t ever talk about how well you did in training and stuff like that because you have to sign this dotted line or else we’ll sue you for a million dollars.'”

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