Ronda Rousey Drops Massive Hint About Next Potential Fight


Dana White seems pretty confidant that Ronda Rousey won’t be fighting again.

After two really tough losses in a row, it seemed like she was just going to quietly leave the sport and focus on other things, like trying to resurrect her film career. The problem with that is that, all due respect, she still has a lot of work to do in the acting game, plus a lot of her appeal as an actress comes from the fact that she was a fighter. She knows that, she acknowledges that the reason a lot of movie studios wanted to work with her was because of her fighting, so without the fight career, it makes everything else a bit trickier.

Anyways, based on a recent post she shared on Instagram, it seems like Ronda may still have an interest in fighting.

Before we get to that, let’s circle back to her first loss to Holly Holm. In a recent interview, Holm mentioned that Ronda may think she’s done for now, but it could be a year from now, maybe two years, and she’ll get the itch again. The problem with that is that the division is quickly improving, so Ronda’s going to need to stay on top of her game and to continue training and improving.

Let’s be real. If Ronda wants to be competitive in this division, she’s still probably got the best Judo and some of the best ability to take an opponent to the ground and to finish them once they’re there, but it’s what happens when the fight is standing that gets her into trouble. She’s been working primarily on her striking for years at her current gym, and simply hasn’t made the progress she should have. She’s surrounded by a yes-man coach who is happy to collect his 10% or whatever it is, and to his credit, it worked great… until it didn’t. So if Ronda finds a new camp, where she can work with some world-class coaches who have groomed and trained countless fighters, she could be unstoppable again. Forget that Holly trains at Jackson/Wink for a minute, could you imagine Ronda at that camp? She could be deadly again.

But if Ronda does come back, and stays at her camp (Which even her own mother has spoken out against many times), it’s had to imagine things being much different.

So, where is all this talk of Ronda fighting again coming from?

After Ronda’s most recent loss to Amanda Nunes, she posted the quote

“And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – JK Rowling

Which, obviously, implies that she is at one of the lowest points in her life. Understandable. She built a lot of her identity for her entire life on being a champion, wanting to go undefeated, and then lost her chance at redemption after the Holm fight. Fast forward to when she posted this…

There are numerous ways to read into that, but to us, it implies that she could just stay behind the scenes, and chill, and enjoy the fruits of her labor, but instead she wants to get back out there and reach for glory again.

By the way, if you ever want to see a very sad group of people, go check on the comments on any of Ronda Rousey’s social media posts. Could you imagine having that much abuse hurled at you on a constant basis by sad people with nothing better to do? Yikes.

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