Richest Fighters: What Is Conor McGregor’s Net Worth?


Conor McGregor’s net worth has been skyrocketing with each and every fight, he’s getting the biggest paydays in UFC history and it’s not even close. He’s not even that deep into his career and he’s won belts in multiple weight classes, and has lots of potentially huge match-ups on the horizon.

In other words, Conor’s biggest paydays are still ahead of him. Whether it’s a fight against Floyd Mayweather, or a rematch with an old rival like Aldo or Nate Diaz, there are a lot of big fights waiting for him.

What is Conor McGregor's net worth?

Conor has earned such big paychecks from the UFC because when he fights, people watch. His disclosed pays are big, but his PPV points are what really send things over the edge and to the next level. Instead of getting a million a fight, the PPV points propel Conor into the 10’s of millions. He still wants more…

Conor McGregor’s Net Worth: How He Can Grow It

Conor has demanded a piece of the company after new owners took over and a bunch of big name celebrities became major stakeholders in the UFC. Conor figures that he’s selling the MOST pay per views by FAR, and it’s not even close, so why should these celebrities get a piece of his hard work if he doesn’t have any equity in the company?

It would be interesting for a fighter to actually own a chunk of the promotion that they’re fighting inside of, but if anyone can do it it’s probabally Conor.

Brock Lesnar is another fighting who gets paid a ton per each fight, but he’s recently retired. It’s tough to tell how big of a draw Brock still is or would be, because of the fiasco around UFC 200, but his disclosed pay was still bigger than the vast, vast majority of UFC fighters for his bout against Mark Hunt.

The Biggest Draw

None the less, there’s no debate that Conor has the UFC on his shoulders. The company hates to admit when a fighter gets too large, and have often made comments about how it’s not about the individual fighters but it’s the promotion that makes them successful. True, Conor couldn’t have gotten to where he is without the UFC, but he’s still consistently giving them the biggest numbers, and he also fights quite actively.

Estimates have Conor McGregor’s net worth at $22,000,000. It’s quickly rising, and after his next fight, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it closer to 30 even after taxes. These estimates are based on his PPV points, his disclosed pays, possible bonuses, income taxes he’d have to pay off the top, and funding his lavish lifestyle. He’s earned a lot more than 22 million in his UFC career, especially from sponsorships and endorsements and other appearances, but he also spends it quickly. He’s stated in the past that he would spend all of his winnings right away, because it kept him hungry and stopped him from getting too comfortable. These days, even with fancy sports and luxury cars, it would be hard to spend it as quick as he makes it.

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