Raging Bodybuilder books flight to fight Cody Garbrandt after Twitter Beef


Cody Garbrandt and this bodybuilder on Twitter named Matthew Kline Kader got into it on Twitter, and the bodybuilder ended up buying a plane ticket to show up at Team Alpha Male’s gym after accepted a challenge by Cody.

Here’s a fight posted the guy posted on his Insta, along with the caption:

“Some idiots are saying I’m not gonna show up but I have already booked my flight so your theory is irrelevant. You think cause I’m not in the UFC I can’t fight? Think I’m going to let another man, a tatted up goof call me a BITCH? You think I’m scared? I’m not scared of GOD let alone a man. I’m the king and I don’t play like that. June 25th I’m coming teach this fucker a lesson. We will be streaming on IPPV for $9.99 and we will see if Garbrandt shows up!”

He says he’s been boxing since he was 3 years old, but look… let’s be real… the dude’s raging out online, and really should have stopped before buying the plane ticket.

There’s one problem with your plan bro, Cody Garbrandt is a champion and you’re going to get absolutely picked apart. We all saw what Cody did to Cruz, and now some random gymrat thinks he stands a chance? There’s a certain point where you’ve got to check your ego at the door, and Matthew is in real trouble if he actually shows up. Let’s hope he bought insurance for those plane tickets and is good at faking a cough on the phone.

You know you’re in trouble when they say “I’m from the streets.” Here’s another problem, this isn’t a street fight. Step inside the cage with ANY fighter from the TAM roster and you’re in trouble. The Shallow King is barking up the wrong tree. Even if you’ve been boxing since age 3, you aren’t a professional fighter and that makes a HUGE difference. We’ve all seen the “bodybuilder vs.” videos, and this will be just another one of those.

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