Over-Protected Angel Runs Into BMXer & Dad Wastes No Time Busting Out His Trademark Finisher…


That awkward moment when your dad follows you to the skate park, you aren’t looking where you’re going and a guy has to jump off his bike to avoid hitting you way worse, and your dad charges the guy and attacks him. Yikes.

The dad didn’t even see what happened before he assaulted this guy. You can’t blame him for having those paternal instincts, but holy smokes, talk about helicopter parenting.

When we were kids, our parents didn’t even know where the skate park was, let alone standing over our shoulders waiting to pounce on anyone who gave us any trouble. To the dad’s credit, the kid was wearing a helmet, which is important because even a small collision could be really dangerous, but seriously .. there’s a certain ebb and flow to the ramps at these parks, you’ve got to have a TON of situational awareness. Thankfully, the dude on the BMX did, so he was able to bail without this being a much worse collision when the kid rolls in front of him.

It really wasn’t a big deal (or shouldn’t have been, at least), these sort of things happen, the kid managed to avoid any serious injury and the BMX’er was trying to hit a line. It was an accident across the board, the kid learned an important lesson about looking around before dropping in on a board, and the dad.. well.. hopefully he learns to control his rage a little bit. He obviously just cares about his kid since he goes over to comfort him after, but really, at a certain point you’ve got to just let kids be kids, you know?

The only person who should have really been mad here was the guy on the bike, and he’s surprising chill and understanding about the fact that he just got body checked by a helicopter dad. Who was half expecting the dad to jump up in the air and land some sweet chin music? Nah, prolly not…

Anyways, check it out for yourself…

What do you think? What would you have done if you were the guy on the bike?

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