IT’S OFFICIAL! Dana White Confirms Contract Signed, GSP Is Back In The UFC


The rumor mills have been turning for months, or even years, about a possible GSP comeback and it’s finally time. Dana White confirmed, as reported by the LA Times, that the contract to get GSP back in the UFC and fighting again has been signed. It’s on.

There’s been a ton of bad blood and drama over the past months, beginning with how Dana White treated GSP after his final fight, and more recently when the new owners were telling GSP it would be too expensive to promote a fight with him because people don’t know who he is anymore. Harsh!

Also, GSP hasn’t fought under the Reebok deal yet, and has a huge contract with Under Armor, which made negotiations tricky.

It appears they’ve sorted it all out, and GSP is returning.

As a fan, it’s exciting, but it’s also a bit worrying since he’d talked about losing time and possible brain issues, especially since he’s gotten hit a lot in his last few fights. None the less, GSP is a killer, and one of the greatest of all time.

Do you think he’ll be making a run for the belt? There’s talk that he could challenge Bisping if he holds onto the belt. Maybe GSP vs Anderson Silva finally?

There’s a lot of potential here, but let’s just keep him away from any huge heavy hitters like Lawler or Woodley, okay? Nobody wants to see GSP come back after years only to get brutally KO’d.

Mixed feelings because GSP was one of the few greats to really go out on top, and a return to the Octagon puts that in jeopardy.

He never lost his belt, so nobody can really complain if he goes right to a title shot against Woodley (Or Wonderboy, as the case may be a the time), but both of those guys pose very serious threats. Should GSP get a tune up fight, and if so, against who?

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