Nate Diaz Says The UFC Was Desperatly Trying To Sabotage His Side-Gig


Nate Diaz appeared along side It’s Always Sunny’s Charlie Day in a promo for a movie called Fist Fight.

The UFC tried again and again to get the company to drop Nate Diaz from the promo, and to replace him with GSP or Conor McGregor.

They stuck to their guns, they wanted Nate, but the UFC tried again to convince them to use someone else for the job.

Why does the UFC want to sabotage Nate’s career out of the Octagon so badly? It’s a good thing someone on the production team for that movie was a fan and was holding it down for him, otherwise he would have been cut from this and we’d never be the wiser.

Now, the Diaz Brothers are no strangers to controversy or conspiracy theories about how the UFC is  treating them unfairly, but stuff like this adds a lot of credit to their arguments. The people promoting Fist Fight wanted Nate, they hired Nate, and the UFC couldn’t convince them to change their mind, no matter how hard they tried, according to statements by Nate.

It’s worth important to message the UFC has also gone to bat. Remember when the crooked Nevada commission wanted to ban Nick for 5 years to life for weed, even when the samples were kind of sketchy and it wasn’t conclusive? So it’s not like the UFC is just out to get them, and this whole thing with the promo for Fist Fight could have just been one or two UFC employees, they don’t necessairly represent the entire company either, just in the name of fairness.

Anyways, here’s Nate’s breakdown as explained in an excerpt from MMAJunkie:

“The UFC is like, ‘We’re thinking GSP or Conor McGregor,’ ” Diaz said. “My guy said, ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to use Nate.’ They came back to say, ‘We really think you should use GSP or Conor.’

“I don’t know what it is. I’m not a white boy with blue eyes or great looking, I talk all (messed) up. I’m not the look they’re going for, but this is fighting. You don’t go for a look. You go for the baddest that’s out there. This is an example of my whole career.”

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