Nate Diaz Is Getting a Boxing License – Plans On Boxing Conor McGregor?


Nate Diaz made the best move of his career when he called out Conor McGregor after a victory. He didn’t know that Conor would soon need a last-minute opponent, but that single callout made Nate Diaz an absolute fortune, introduced him to more mainstream audiences after appearances on talk shows, and gave him the prestige of a victory of Conor McGregor. Conor was able to bounce back, but now the two are 1-1 and a trilogy is inevitable.

But could the third fight be in a boxing ring?

If they really wanted to give Dana White an aneurysm, Conor and Nate could take advantage of the Ali Act in boxing and potentially get around their UFC contracts to have a boxing match. Maybe Floyd could come in as the promoter? That would explain his interest in all the back-and-forth and hype-building with Conor McGregor. This would be the single biggest event to open up MMA to boxing fans, and it would also draw tons of eyes from MMA fans obviously. It would be such a huge event, and a great fight, too. Conor and Nate both have great striking, and without Nate having to worry about leg kicks, and without Conor having to worry about going to the ground, these two could really put on a striking show.

We don’t know for sure exactly WHY Nate decided to get his boxing license, but it probabally has something to do with Conor McGregor. If not, we may see Nate simply following Conor footsteps and testing the waters with some boxing matches. We’re not sure who would be a good matchup, besdies Conor, as most pro-boxers are going to make light work out of any MMA fighter, simple because the boxers are going to be much better strikers in a world where there’s nothing else besdies standing up.

Just think about it. Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor, boxing… Dana White’s tears filling the stadium… What a glorious night.

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