Mike Goldberg Is Leaving The UFC After This Friday’s Pay Per View


Mike Goldberg is the UFC’s lovable goof. He’s been around for as long as most of us can remember, and has great chemistry with Joe Rogan. Sure, he misspeaks often, isn’t always on-point with his analysis, sounds like he’s reading sounds phonetically instead of words sometimes, but there was just something familiar and comfortable about having him sit next to Rogan.

News of Goldberg’s retirement from the UFC was originally leaked on one of Joe Rogan’s Fight Companion podcasts, where one of his buddies brought it up, and everyone else quickly tried to cover it up / change the subject, since it obviously wasn’t public information at the time. So, this has been something that’s been in discussion for a while. Also, Dana White has spoken about trying to find a “dream” partner for Joe, and has said that something was in the works. All in all, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but we’re definitely going to miss Goldie.

We compiled the BEST Mike Goldberg quotes.

Most fans were more than willing to overlook the occasional blunder, since Goldie would ask the types of questions that newer fans would often wonder about, too.

In 2014, Goldberg made his NFL debut but fans were a lot harsher, they didn’t’ give him the same leeway as UFC fans do, and he was harshly panned on Twitter. In fairness, it was his first go at it, and it was filled with mistakes, but he wasn’t asked to return.

Goldberg also worked the sidelines for the Chicago Bulls during their championship years in the early ’90s.

Mike Goldberg was also the host of the tv show Shaq Vs.. We’re interesting in seeing what he does next, maybe another MMA promotion will snap him up?

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