Miesha Tate Comes Down On Ronda Rousey After Fight


In addition, she analyzed what was the plan of the Brazilian Champ.

“She (Nunes) connected her, hurt her with the first jab. That first jab was a setup, “Tate said. “She staggered it, then came with another jab, took her time, did not rush, used her reach and kept out of her fists, kept Ronda right where she needed it.”


Something no one expected in early 2016 is that Miesha Tate, who became champion, was retiring from the sport. The funny thing is that everything indicates that Rousey Rousey could hang the gloves, and it makes you wonder if these two would be able to finally set their rivalry aside? It would be nice to see them make up and put it all behind them, but something tells us it’s much more likely to see them fighting eachother in Bellator in about 15 years from now…

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