MASSIVE Bodybuilder Sends 145 Pound MMA Fighter FLYING With Kicks


There’s a lot of these bodybuilder vs MMA fighter videos, and they usually get the same reaction: “So what? Obviously the trained fighter is going to be better at fighting and usually win.”

Technique over strength and size almost always, but not always. There are certain discrepancies in size and strength that even great technique can’t necessarily make up for, especially when the big dude has a rough idea what he’s doing.

We won’t spoil anything, watch the sparring session for yourself…

In the past, it’s almost always the BJJ guy who wins when it’s BJJ vs untrained people, or muay thai vs untrained people, etc. If you’re a skilled fighter, you shouldn’t really be fighting untrained people anyways, unless they’re coming at you in an attack and you have to defend yourself.

Even still, most skilled martial artists would still recommend turning and running before fighting, even if you’re clearly more skilled. You never know when an attacking could get a lucky shot, you never know what kinds of weapons they might be hiding, and also you don’t want to flat out end up killing someone. If you’re getting jumped and you stay and fight instead of running, you run the risk of spending the rest of your days in jail for murder. You knock the attacker out, they go down, smash their skull open, it’s your word vs a dead man.

Now, of course, we’re not saying you shouldn’t defend yourself, nobody would advocate that. It’s just a matter of weighing the pros and the cons of getting into a fight or fleeing instead. If you can make a clean escape, do it. The more experienced someone becomes at martial arts, the better they understand the risks and the dangers of combat.

But we’re getting off topic, this is an article about a bodybuilder vs a BJJ player. Were you able to accurately predict the winner of the sparring session?

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