Mark Hunt’s Lawyers Tracked Down Brock Lesnar In Canada For This Reason


Mark Hunt’s lawsuit against Brock Lesnar and the UFC is serious business. His legal team had to track down Brock in Canada in order to serve him papers for the lawsuit. Hunt isn’t taking this lightly. He has been pissed off ever since the loss to Brock when it came out that Lesnar was on Steroids and the UFC may have known about it and allegedly may have bent some of the rules in order to save their massive UFC 200 PPV.

Stuff like this has happened in the past, where the UFC has been accused of burying test results in order to save events. Also, it’s gone the other way, for instance when Jon Jones was removed from UFC 200.

In any case, it’s kind of expected that the fighters just quietly let it slide, especially when they’re on a really solid contract like Hunt has. You could imagine that a lot of sketchy stuff gets ignored by fighters because they don’t want to piss off the people that sign their checks, but Hunt’s been around a long time, he’s made some good purses, and he wants to take on another kind of fight – this time, in the courtroom.

Mark Hunt is fighting to hold people accountable. The way it works now, Brock fails the drug test, wins the fight, gets to keep the majority of his purse, and Hunt – who lost the fight to the guy on steroids – doesn’t get anything except an L on his record. If Brock is fined for cheating, shouldn’t at least some of that money go to his opponent, who had to suffer for his unfair advantage?

We’ll see how the whole case ends up unfolding, it could set a really important precedent if people are held accountable for failing drug tests, not just by paying a fine to the athletic commission but also to their opponent. The athletic commission isn’t in the cage with them getting smashed in the face, so why should Lesnar on steroids earn any money for the government, and why shouldn’t a positive drug test result in a bonus for the opponent who had to suffer for it?

We’re still in the early stages, make sure you leave a comment and share your thoughts, if we’re off base here let us know. If you don’t think Hunt should be able to sue the UFC and Brock, and you don’t think Hunt deserves any piece of the fine, let us know!

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