Mackenzie Dern Looks Tiny As She Grapples With MASSIVE Gabi Garcia


In The BJJ world, there are a few names that stand about the rest, and Mackenzie Dern and Gabi Garcia are two of them. They’re both into MMA as well, and looking to make a splash on the scene. Gabi fought an older woman in her lady fight which was a freakshow fight that only Japan could sanction, and Mackenzie has a bout coming up shortly. That’s where the similarities end, as Mackenzie Dern made 120 for her last fight, and Gabi Garcia‘s left leg MIGHT be able to make 120 after spending the day in a sauna. Both of these ladies are killers in their own right, but seeing them roll together is just comical due to the size discrepancy.

It’s almost comical when Gabi lifts her up for that Arona vs Rampage style slam, but then just lets her down easy like, “What do you think you’re even doing here?! Scamper around!” It’s interesting to watch, we’ve seen a lot of those “430lb bodybuilder vs 79lb BJJ master” types of videos, but we don’t see them as often with female MMA fighters or grapplers.

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