Little Guy Gets Destroyed By Big Dude After Accusing Him Of Stealing Video Game


If you’re standing around trying to sort out your differences, and somebody pulls out their camera, things are automatically going to escalate. If you hear a kid yell WORLDSTAR, you know it’s about to go down, and you’re either going to be on the right end of it or the wrong end.


This smaller dude was upset, he was accusing the other guy of stealing one of his video games or selling it to Gamestop or something, who knows? Anyways, the smaller guy starts swinging over a video game, and gets totally rocked. He’s dropped to the pavement, he’s lucky he’s able to get up at all. Seriously guys, smarten up, if you’re getting into street fights, especially on concrete, you’re playing with your life. Whether it’s you who gets rocked, or you end up killing someone else or seriously injuring them, this type of goofy shit can ruin you.

After the bigger guy takes out the first guy, his buddy squares up too but everyone else is just like “NOPE!” 

On the one hand, I guess it’s good to see the guy standing up for his buddy and all that, but he saw what happens when you step to the bigger dude, and it’s not pretty.

The big guy is amped, and he’s rightfully upset about being accused of stealing something if he didn’t actually take it. It sounds like they’re fighting over Grand Theft Auto V, which in all fairness is a great game and I’d be pretty upset if someone stole it from me too, but not upset enough to risk having the other guy’s head smash open on the pavement. Seriously folks, get your priorities together. Next time, they should settle it with a round of Overwatch or something instead.

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