Kickboxing World Champion Tyrone Spong with His 4th Straight ‘Boxing’ Knockout


Tyrone Spong is a well established kickboxing world champion but has now taken his hand to the would of pugilism.

Spong, 30, is 6ft 2inches of pure muscle. This guy just looks like he means business. Luckily for him, he does the business when he has a set of gloves on. So far knocking out all 4 of his 4 opponents in his professional boxing career.

Tyrone Spong

Tyrone Spong

He is now 4-0 with 4 knockouts in his pro boxing career and is 2-0 in his MMA career.

This guy obviously likes to fight. He had his American debut in Fort Lauderdale on Friday night. Knocking out Lucas Queen, sending him to the floor face first.

Spong is small for a modern day heavyweight, with only a 74 inch reach. But what he lacks in size he makes up in power!

If he stays on the winning path and keeps knocking people out with his fantastic power, who knows, he might be facing some of the big names in the heavyweight division pretty soon.

Kickboxing world champion: Spong

Kickboxing world champion: Spong

The heavyweight division practically has an open door policy at the moment, with only a handful of names that are on people’s lips, Spong could be up there with these guys before you know it.

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