Khabib Nurmagomedov offers Tony Ferguson 200K fight


Khabib Nurmagomedov could easily be chosen as the most dominant athlete in the UFC and he wants to fight for the belt, to such an extent that he is paying Tony Ferguson the difference for the fight to finally come to fruition.

Nurmagomedov has dominated whoever has been placed with under the UFC, and has been given a shot at the belt. Unfortunately due to a series of injuries he has been left out every year. However during his time away Tony Ferguson became the most dangerous athlete in the division, where he currently has a 9-game winning streak. Regardless both have been looking for an opportunity for the belt.

Despite both wanting the championship, Conor McGregor stepped up and was crowned lightweight champion at UFC 205. Unfortunately, UFC and Tony are half way through negotiations. Ferguson wants more money which UFC seems not willing to pay at the moment.

The American is asking for the same sum as Khabib for the fight and is not happening as Dana White said but we all know things can change in UFC overnight. After this the Russian offered the difference to Tony with the aim that the fight finally comes to fruition.

Now it up to Tony Ferguson to accept and take on the fight he seem so much to want.

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