Jones to DC: “…I made u forever my bitch.”


Even thought DC wanted nothing to do with Jones after his last victory over Rumble, since he quickly changed the subject to Manuwa in his post fight press conference and barely acknowledges Jones until the post-fight interview was over, saying Jones needs to get his academics in order and that he’s not even eligible to be spoken about yet, DC is still taking to Twitter.

Itchy Twitter fingers prevail as Jones responded to DC’s accusations that Jones can’t even KO a guy when he’s on steroids.

You can love Jones or you can hate him, but when it comes to trash talk between these two, DC is probabally better off if he doesn’t engage, he’s not necessairly the best trash talker in the business and Jones is a natural.

This is the fight that everyone wants to see. Jones never lost his belt in a bout, and DC definitely wants to beat the former champ to leave no question. A win over Jones puts DC right up there in the conversation of one of the best at LHW, and Jones definitely wants to get his belt back and out of the hands of his biggest rival.

Twitter game is one thing, but Jones didn’t look like a killer in his last fight and DC has been a lot more active. Do you think ring rust will play a part in their next fight when these two cross paths again, or will Jones once again score the W?

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