Incredible Statistics Reveal Korean Zombie Is One Of The Most Underrated Fighters


Korean Zombie has been on an absolute warpath before taking time off to serve in the military. He came back in epic fashion last weekend with a devastating knockout over Dennis Bermudez. He attributed his ability to ignore ‘ring rust’ to comments made by former champ Dominick Cruz, who has had multiple long layoffs due to leg injuries that he didn’t let slow him down or use as an excuse.

Chan Sung Jung’s record speaks for itself already, but when you factor in the bonuses and awards he’s gotten, it’s hard to understand why this guy isn’t a much bigger star.

His last fight was in 2013.

In his last 7 fights, Chan Sung Jung has earned: 

  • Performance of the night over Dennis Bermudez,
  • A 4th round loss to a prime Jose Aldo for the belt,
  • Submission of the night and Fight of the night over Dustin Poirier,
  • Knockout of the night over Mark Hominick and the fastest KO in UFC history at 7 seconds,
  • Submission of the night over Leonard Garcia,
  • and a Fight of the night loss to Leonard Garcia in their previous fight.

He doesn’t just fight, he puts on a performance every time, but the mainstream fanbase don’t seem to be taking notice.

Granted, he headlined his last card after a long layoff, and is a favorite among hardcore fans, but other than that it seems like he doesn’t get enough shine. Hopefully, the ride is shifting and his next fight is huge, because this guy comes out to fight every single time and he’s a warrior.

Here’s a quote from an interviewed translated to English:

“I’m not that famous so I don’t know why there are so many people here. Thank you for the warm welcome even in these busy times. I’ll continue to humbly work hard.”

He went on to say that he didn’t even have a chance to show off 10% of what he had been working on during his layaway. Hopefully they can find him a big fight, soon, to keep the momentum burning,.

What’s he going to have to do to get the kind of attention he deserves, start having his translator call out Conor McGregor?

Dennis Bermudez was humble in defeat, and we’d love to see a rematch at some point, too.

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