IMPOSSIBLE: Can you tell the difference between Dana White and these 4 eggs?


To end the week, leading into tomorrow’s huge UFC card, we’ve got an impossible riddle of a game for you to try to solve.

Here are 4 images of eggs… and one image of Dana White…

Most people will get this wrong.

Are you able to tell which of these 5 pictures are eggs, and which one is Dana White?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, only 14% of people can get this question right.

Don’t worry, we’ll share the answer at the end.

5. This right here… and we know this is a tough game, but is this an egg, or is it Dana White’s beautiful, shiny, bald head? Don’t guess yet, take your time to see all of them before you decide.

4. If you thought that first one was tough, wait until you see this next one. It’s round, it’s a shiny, but is it Dana or an egg?

3. Don’t get cocky, there’s still three more to go. Here’s a hint, though, just in case you’re struggling. The first two pictures were definitely eggs, neither of them was Dana White. So that leaves 3 more pictures, 2 of them are eggs, and one of them is the President of the UFC. 

2. There’s only two more to, have you spotted Dana yet? Remember, you don’t have to make your guess until the very end. Seriously, make sure you see them all before you decide, don’t get cocky.

1. By the way, this is an open book test. It’s so difficult that we’ll let you use Google Images to look up more examples, you can even share this game with a friend if you need some help.

Some of you are probabally thinking this was some kind of a prank, like, “Hey wait a second, NONE of those were Dana White… those were all eggs!” or even “Hey, wait a second, those were ALL pictures of Dana White, there wasn’t a single egg there!”

We promise you – there are 4 eggs, and 1 Dana here.

If you want to check your answer to see if you got it right, just keep reading…







The correct answer was #2. Thanks for playing!

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