Idiot Throws a Bottle Into a Crowd Of People, Instantly Regrets His Decision


If you’re standing off in the distance, lobbing beer bottles into a crowd of people who are just trying to have a good time, you’re an irredeemable piece of trash. There’s no reason to do this cowardly move (Unless, of course, you’re at a UFC press conference and trying to sell tickets… cough.) But even then, those were water bottles at least, they’re not going to hurt anyone.

Getting tagged with a beer bottle that someone chucks at your head can really cause some harm, not to mention if it hands on the ground and breaks and someone steps on it. No matter how you slice it, this moron is putting other people at risk for no reason at all, and thankfully someone notices it and stops him before he’s able to continue his reign of terror.

People gather around to see what happened:

Dude in the blue shirt manages to see what happened, immediately calmly walks over and just lays the guy out with a single punch, doesn’t even spill his drink.

We really shouldn’t need baby sitters for adults who can’t handle their liqueur and start acting like total morons, but apparently that’s necessary sometimes. Look, it’s tough to see a guy drop another guy and encourage that type of behavior, because getting KO’d on concrete can literally ruin your life, but this guy was tossing bottles and assaulting strangers with weapons at random, so he kinda had it coming, right?

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