Horrifying New Details Revealed During War Machine’s Trial Today (Here’s His Defense)


We already knew that what War Machine did to his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack was absolutely horrific. We saw the photos of her after the attack, how long it took her to recover, the mental damage something like this does to a person… it’s all completly disgusting.

But new details have emerged during the trail with allegations that are just chilling. Nobody deserves to go through this kind of attack, especailly at the hands of a professional fighter.

War Machine has some serious issues. He was interviewed on Joe Rogan’s podcast before all of this went down, and the guy has had a really rough life and childhood, but nothing can excuse the kind of abuse he has allegedly dished out.

Here’s a breakdown by a reddit user who read through the court documents: 

  • Corey Thomas stated that War Machine beat him up for 12 minutes. He let him go if he said he wouldn’t snitch. Told Thomas that if he did snitch, his Navy SEAL and Hells Angel friends would hurt him
  • After Corey left, War Machine then beat up Christie
  • Christie was apparently dating Thomas for 2 months at the time of the incident
  • War Machine’s defense is going with the “they are both f***** up in the head” defense

Image via the below linked twitter account.

If you want to see more details from inside the courtroom, this Twitter account was live tweeting it.

There are some interesting discrepancies from one of the victims of the assault (Mack’s boyfriend at the time, who she had been with for 2 months prior to the vicious assault from War Machine.)

Honesty, it feels weird to even call this guy by his comicbook name War Machine after he committed such horrific acts, it almost gives him a mask to hide behind.

And yeah, you read that right, his defense is to say that they are both messed up in the head, as if this viciious attack didn’t somehow happen, as if the police reports about the crime scene were made up, as if they caused those injuries to themselves… wow.

His name is Jon Koppenhaver.

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