Here’s Why Pissed-Off Dana White Is Taking Away GSP’s Title Shot Against Bisping


The GSP vs Bisping fight has been a controversial one since talks of GSP’s return began. 

It’s felt like GSP has kind of been stringing us along for a long time, until finally announcing that he’s coming back, and that he’ll be fighting Bisping. This annoyed Yoel Romero and the rest of the division who have been patiently waiting for a title shot, they already waited for Hendo to get his freebie rematch at Bisping as a send-off for a legendary career, and then hearing that GSP was getting the next crack at the belt really annoyed fighters in the division, along with fans. For starters, it’s not GSP’s weightclass, and people feel like Bisping should be fighting top contenders instead. None the less, GSP also has had a legendary career and ultimately the thought of him winning a second belt in a higher weightclass is exciting, so people came around on that fight…

But then it was revealed that GSP wouldn’t be ready to fight until November, maybe even 2018, and that’s just too long to keep Bisping on the sidelines, so Dana White has called off the fight and wants Yoel Romero to get in there with Bisping this summer instead.

Dana is mad because he’s been saying for ages that “GSP doesn’t want to fight”, then he finally books a controversial title fight for GSP, except Georges can’t fight until later this year, and Dana’s pissed about holding up the division.

Here’s one fighter who is happy about the news:

Now, it’s possible that GSP could come back and say he would, in fact, be ready to fight sooner by the summer if that’s what it takes to save his title shot, but there’s also some speculation that he could end up waiting and booking a fight with Anderson Silva instead, something that fight fans have been waiting for since both guys were in their prime, the original super fight that never happened. It’s a bit late now, but would still be a fight worth making.

There’s also talks of Anderson vs Weidman 3, but for all intents are purposes we’d rather see the GSP fight. Heck, put Bisping against Romero, get the belt back in action to a legitimate contender, then if you really want to, give a title shot to the winner of GSP vs Silva. Boom.

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