Here’s What Happens When a 43 Year Old Man Fights a UFC Heavyweight Champion


Let’s take a throwback to heavyweight championship fight…

Randy Couture is 53 years old now, but a decade ago he became the UFC heavyweight champion after dropping Sylvia early in the fight and going on to grind out the W.

This bout was Couture’s return to heavyweight, fresh on the heels of a LHW loss to Chuck Liddell in another championship fight. Not one to miss two belt opportunities in a row, Randy brought the heat against Tim.

Couture would go on to defend the belt once against Gabriel Gonzaga, and then lose it to Brock Lesnar. Couture would hold many career milestones, including the oldest fighter to get a win inside the Octagon.

Also, in his bout against Mark Coleman, they both became the first current hall of famers to fight each other after already being in the hall of fame.

Watch what happened when Mark Coleman went after Joe Rogan. MANHANDLED him!

If you never saw the Sylvia vs Couture fight, here’s where Sylvia got dropped early but managed to recover, none the less this was Couture’s fight.


Aw man, I miss Goldie.

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