Here’s How Daniel Cormier Used The Famous “Towel Trick” To Instantly Lose 1.2 Pounds And Save Title Fight


Click here to watch a clip of the weigh in.

Check out this clip, you can see him CLEARLY pushing down on the towel, undeniable.

This is an interesting turn of events, generally fans seem disappointed in Cormier but also glad that the fight is still taking place. If he missed weight, he would have had 2 hours of additional time to try and cut it before this was no longer a fight for the belt.

Cormier has been outspoken about how Jon Jones seems to get praise meanwhile Cormier gets boo’d, while Cormier has had a tough life and has risen above the adversity, meanwhile Jones creates the adversity for himself. Seeing DC allegedly bend the rules like this has some people feeling kind on conflicted.

Do you think pushing down on the towel to help yourself make weight is cheating? The people there holding the towel had to have known, whoever was there from the athletic commission had to have known, it’s either a huge oversight or they allowed it to happen – in either case, that doesn’t seem right. But again, we’re glad this fight didn’t have to get pulled at the last moment.

There are some other conspiracy theories out there too, another fight reveals something else fishy about the weigh ins: 

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