Here’s How Daniel Cormier Used The Famous “Towel Trick” To Instantly Lose 1.2 Pounds And Save Title Fight


If you stare into the Abyss long enough, Jon Jones eventually starts to stare back, and it seems Cormier may have broke his “Good guy” image to make sure this remained a championship fight. 

If another fighter from his gym pulled out last minute due to weight issues, as happened with Khabib recently, the MMA world would have probabally imploded on itself.

So, Cormier first hit the scales at 1.2 pounds over weight.

They didn’t use just one towel to cover him with, they used two, which gives a little extra support. Simply resting your arm on something like a towel can alleviate  a surprising amount of weight, but when the towel is pulled tight and you can actually push a bit, it’s EASY to “lose” a couple of pounds. Just try it yourself, go stand on your bathroom scale, then rest your arm on the towel rack in your bathroom a little bit. All you need is to drop 1.2 pounds, it really doesn’t take much. Just pushing down a LITTLE bit will alleviate a lot of weight. In the weigh-in video, it looks like Cormier pushes down a bit too much at first, doesn’t want to lose 2-3 pounds extra since that’s way too suspicious, so he has to actually press down on the towel less hard to hit a more believable weight.

This is a known “trick” and it’s surprising how the commission let it happen…

Check out a video showing how he has to press down just the perfect amount on the towel, too much and it’ll be obvious, not enougn and it won’t be a title fight…


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