Guy In a Tapout Shirt Tries To Start a Fight at a Party, Immediately Regrets It


Even guys who still rock Tapout gear in 2016 can admit that at least 80% of the time, it’s like a bat signal to let you know that the guy wearing it is kind of a douchebag. It all went downhill when they started selling Tapout shirts in Walmart right next to the Duck Dynasty section. When you see a guy a party rocking Tapout, there’s scientifically an 83% chance that he’s either going to start a fight, or finish it. Usually it’s the former. Cntrary to what some people think, wearing an MMA brand doesn’t make you a better fighter, or a fighter whatsoever.


No, wearing a shirt with a skull exploding into a bunch of swords and an American flag isn’t going to make you a good fighter.

Take this video, for example. This guy thinks he’s tougher than nails because he goes to a party and asks to get punched in the face. As if wearing Tapout wasn’t asking to get punched in the face already, he literally insists that the other dude socks him right in the kisser – and it goes about how you might imagine.

Check it out:

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