Guy Bets Woman $500 That He Can Beat Her In a Fight… Immediately Regrets It


We can’t emphasize enough that the difference between a trained fighter and somebody who just thinks they’re tough is a massive distinction to make.

Like, it really really matters. But sometimes, people don’t realize that. You saw this a lot during Ronda’s rise, when every guy who’s ever thrown a punch thinks he could have beaten her in a fight, meanwhile they’d be getting judo tossed just like the other 99.99% of the population.

In this case, we’ve got a lady who knows BJJ and a guy who trains at the same gym. His ego takes over, they place a $500 bet on who would win in a bare knuckle match, and here’s what happens…

He didn’t want her as a sparring partner, and was being disrespectful. 

The guy isn’t totally green, he’s got a little head movement and he lands the first strike, he also goes for the submission first, but in the process he gives up position and her skills are enough to overcome his strength, even with hundreds of dollars on the line.

There are other examples of men vs women in fights, and some hypothetical ones too. A promotion in Brazil was promoting one a few years ago, but when they came under heat they said it was all just a social experiment to show that domestic violence is wrong. Which is strange, because two adults agreeing to fight in a professional setting has nothing to do with domestic violence.

Anyways, this wasn’t a total blowout, both fighters had their moments, but ultimately her BJJ was enough to win it. It’s worth pointing out that this also isn’t some random guy off the streets like we sometimes see in mismatch fight videos. These two train together, and the backstory goes that he didn’t respect her and didn’t want her as a sparring partner, so they decided to duke it out. Bet he respects her now.

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