GSP Reveals The Real Reason That He’s Making a Comeback To MMA


There are a lot of reasons that one of the greatest fighters of all time might return to MMA, but for GSP – the real reason is actually hidden right in this very sentence.

It’s not about the money, he’s earned enough for several lifetimes including on-going sponsorships even when he wasn’t fighting. It’s not to make Dana White happy, GSP knows the UFC did him dirty after the Hendricks fight at that famous post-fight press conference. It has more to do with the phrase “one of the greatest fighters of all time”.

GSP’s comeback tour is a way for him to immortalize himself as the GOAT, not just as “one of” the greatest. If we were to travel back to 2013 when GSP last fought, the GOAT discussion would look something like…

Anderson Silva, GSP, Jon Jones, Fedor… Some might have another name in there, Aldo, Mighty Mouse, but in any case, it’s generally the first 4 or so that are in the discussion. Since then, Anderson Silva has popped for steroids and taken some L’s, Jon Jones has barely fought and also popped and been mostly out of the spotlight, Fedor was barely able to get past Maldonado…

Maybe GSP sees this as a chance to put an exclamation mark on his career, and with another belt over his shoulder, plus never having lost the welterweight belt when he gave it up to take a break from fighting, that gives him a big leg up.

Of course, Anderson taking more fun fights and not finishing things with Matrix-style knockouts doesn’t take away anything from his prime, same goes for Fedor, but if GSP is able to make his return and to continue to be dominant, then to ride off on top again, it’s hard to argue he isn’t above the rest in GOAT-discussions.

It’s always a controversial thing to talk about, everyone has different favorite fighters and different opinions,

Let’s see who reads all the way to the bottom before commenting. Leave a comment on FB with whoever’s name you think is the true GOAT, and if you want, what it would take for someone else to take their crown.

Again, just because Silva or Fedor have had ups and downs later in their career, that doesn’t take away from their primes, nor would it if GSP’s comeback was unsuccessful, but if GSP is able to string some more wins together, most people would have a hard time arguing that he doesn’t belong at the top of the all-time greatest fighters list, but what do you think? Let us know your GOAT, your top 3, whatever you want.

On an interview with the MMA Hour, here’s what GSP said about his comeback and what his ambitions are:

“I walk around at 185, 190 pounds. I’m going to fight at 185 right now,” St-Pierre said. “I even know some guys who fight at 155 (who) walk around in the offseason at a bigger weight than I am. I can possibly fight in those three divisions. But I’m back for one reason, I want to make history. I’m going to be 36 years old when I’m going to fight, and it’s all going to depend on what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen.

“I have no desire to fight until I’m 40-something years old. These are my last fight few that I’m going to do, and I want to pick them very carefully. And when I say carefully, I [mean] that I want to make the biggest fights possible. The fights that are going to cement my legacy as the best of all-time. And that’s what I want to do, I want to make history. And maybe I’m going to fail, but at least if I fail, I’m going to have no regrets when I’m going to be 50 years old.”

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