Girls Tries Her Best To Avoid Fighting 2 Bullies, But They INSIST… Then Instantly Regret It


Forget about “cash me outside girl”, these girls are ready to go inside.

One of them was just trying to walk away and mind her own business, but the bullies just wouldn’t leave her alone, from blocking her path, to actually shoving her across the hallway, and finally she couldn’t take it anymore and had to defend herself, and she did pretty damn good before things got broken up by a teacher and some other students.

It’s kind of messed up how the camera pans around and you see how many other students are just standing there watching this one girl being picked on, as she tries so hard to avoid the fight. Even when the fight starts, it takes a while until anyone steps in.

Look at the girls and the guys watching, why wouldn’t anyone have stood up to defend the girl before things escalated? If you see someone being bullied, it can make a world of difference if you help them out. Bullies like to pick on people when the person is outnumbered, so if you stand up for their victim they’ll lose.

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