Floyd Mayweather Went To Jail For Beating Woman Infront of Kids


Just a quick reminder for people who weren’t really following boxing at the time or forgot about this, but Floyd Mayweather served multiple months in prison for physically assaulting the mother of his children, while his children looked on and watched.. And he only got a couple months in prison, had roughly a third of his sentence dropped, and they even allowed him to serve the time when it was convenient for him.

Here’s a quote from the 2012 ESPN article covering Floyd’s jail time:

“The 35-year-old boxer pleaded guilty last year to reduced domestic battery charges stemming from a hair-pulling, arm-twisting attack on his former girlfriend, Josie Harris, while two of their three children watched. The plea deal allowed him to avoid trial on felony charges that could have gotten Mayweather up to 34 years in prison if he was convicted. Harris and the children have since moved to the Los Angeles area.” (source)

The really crazy part? He was supposed to serve this time sooner, but they let him WAIT until AFTER he had one more fight, could you imagine the judge actually letting you DELAY your stay in prison because you had other plans?

Floyd’s response about his jail time?

‘You know how women are sometimes’.

Conor hasn’t brought this up yet, but you have to imagine he’s got it locked and loaded for the right moment.

Want to read some more about this while thing?

He plead guilty and admitted to using force to restrain her, it’s not a matter of whether or not it happened, but Floyd downplays it by saying if she was seriously hurt, then we would have seen photos of it.

Conor’s coach tweeted out: 

“he should have stuck to hitting girls and running strip clubs. he’s awoken a dark dark animal that he’s only met in his worst nightmares.”

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