Fighter’s Massive Package Confuses Opponent During Stare Down


We’ve seen all sorts of antics during staredowns, from masks, to giving the opponent cupcakes, to losing your cool and hitting their hand, to dressing as different characters… but never something like this. Sure, there’s the occasional nervous-boner, but this guy is taking it to the next level.

The meanest intimidation face on earth isn’t going to strike fear into the eyes of your opponent the same way as staring down the barrel of a trouser-cannon.

At first there’s a real WTF moment, is this legit? Or does he have a whole sock drawer in there?

Talk about mind games.

The dude even goes to give it a squeeze!

You’ve got the give the opponent a little extra wiggle room if he lands any groin shots on this guy, his groan is practically halfway down his leg.

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