Fighter Helps Opponent With Dislocated Shoulder Then Knocks Him Out Cold


This is a really great display of sportsmanship.

One of these fighters get his arm dislocated while throwing a wild strike, it even looks like the type of punch that would absolutely cause that to happen, especially if you’re prone to it. I mean, it’s definitely not something that should be happening, but you’ve gotta be careful throwing reckless punches at the air, right?

His opponent doesn’t seem like a stranger to dislocations either, he goes over and helps him pop it back in place. If he didn’t help the guy, they almost definitely would have ended the fight. Even in the UFC of they noticed the dislocation, it would probably be game over as soon as the guy grabbed his flailing arm. But this isn’t the UFC, and the fight continued…

Fighters Arkadiusz Wroblewski and Paata Tschapelia are the two fighters. Wroblewski is the one who dislocated his shoulder on the winging strike. Paata could have gone in for the kill right away, but instead he helped his opponent out. He didn’t want to win like that.

It’s great to see respect like this, especially in smaller promotions. One guy was making his debut, another was on fight #3, still very early in their careers. Win or lose, its sportsmanship and the type of person you decide to be that will stay with your entire life, long after you hang up your gloves.

The fact is that this isn’t some rare occurence. Stuff like this happens all the time in MMA. Sportsmanship isn’t rare. Sure, it’s a rough sport, it’s violent, and there are definitely some thugs that fight, but in general it’s a lot of hard working people who are all just trying to make something out of their lives.

Somebody show this clip to Meryl, not even she is a good enough actress to pretend that there isn’t more to this sport than raw barbarianism.

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