Fighter Gets Illegally Soccer-Kicked In The Head, Gets Up And Starts Fighting The Referee


Here’s a brutal one…

In this clip, you can see the downed-fighter get rocked something fierce by an illegal soccer kick to the head, PRIDE style, except that’s not allowed here. In this situation, sometimes you would see the guy who got hit really try to ham it up to squeak out a disqualification victory if they’re unable to continue (And there’s nothing wrong with that, really, if they’re hit with a massive illegal blow), but in this case that’s not what happened at all…


The guy who got hit was so rocked by this kick that he went into pure combat mode. You can tell this guy is a fighter inside and out, because even with his brain in shut down mode, he still had pure violence pumping through his veins, the only problem is that he goes after the wrong guy…


In his dazed and confused state, the fighter starts swinging at the ref, who does a great job of keeping his composure and calming down the situation. It only takes a moment for the dazed fighter to come to, and he looks visibly confused by what just happened. Getting hit is something every fighter knows will happen, and they all accept the consequences, but getting hit with dangerous and illegal moves shouldn’t be a part of the game, yet it is.

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Here’s the quote from the Instagram post: I had the honor of being one of the refs for Trench Warz 20 this past weekend. I had one of the best experiences as a ref and martial arts competitor with this fight in particular. These guys were getting after each other right off the bat. With all the adrenaline running an illegal kick was thrown to the down opponent as you see in the footage.

Usually fighters cover their heads and pretend to be in antagonizing pain to sway a disqualification win. This fighter was totally opposite of that. He was GAME! He had the Chamorro Islander fighting spirit and had no giving up in him even after getting dazed. I just happened to be in front of him as he got back up! LOL.”

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