Fedor’s Rapist Brother Has Been Released From Prison Early, Bigfoot Silva Wants To Fight Him


Alex Emelianenko is really, really bad dude. He’s a convicted rapist and just a mess of a human being. He’s recently been released from prison, and may fight again. We’d have a hard time supporting any promoter that would sign this guy after such a bad track record. His rap sheet makes Jon Jones look like a choir boy.

He had previously lied about some of his earlier prison stints because he was fighting in Pride, and Japan has a strict immigration policy. Fedor revealed his brother had been locked up, in an interview.

We can’t really count on the morals of any promoters, as it was his promotor who was fighting to get him out of prison earlier after being conviced of a sexual assault against his housekeeper. Alex claimed the encounter was consensual, however in 2015 he was found guilty and sentences to four and a half years and a fine. His promoted appealed the ruling, and was denied, but in October of 2016 he was released on probation, years early. There’s no doubt that the Emelianenko name holds weight in Russia, as Putin is good buddies with Fedor and supports those who support MMA, but it’s still hard to imagine how he got out so early.


Alex has a 23-7 professional record in MMA, and he’s fought some legit guys like Cro Cop, Josh Barnett, and Fabricio Werdum, but he hasn’t managed to take wins from any of his most notable opponents.

Bigfoot Silva is campaigning for the opportunity to fight Alex Emilianenko. Bigfoot just came out of a really hard-fought battle, and interestingly enough it seems his chin was someone restored, none the less he’s been KO’d so many times in his recent fights that we kind of wish he’d just hang up the gloves, but now that he’s outside of the UFC he’s making some pretty huge paychecks, allegedly earning half a million for his last fight, which makes it all that much harder to hang up the gloves once and for all.

Bigfoot is most likely back on TRT, something that he has a medical need for, and wasn’t able to use in the UFC once they outlawed it from the rules.


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