Daniel Cormier Plans To Ignore Wrestling, Stand And Trade With Rumble Johnson


Let’s hope this is just mind games, because Cormier’s greatest strength is his wrestling and its his best shot to avoid having to stand and trade with a deadly striker like Rumble.

He may be vulnerable as he goes in for the take down, but if he can out-wrestle Anthony Johnson he can avoid being launched halfway across the cage by Rumble’s cannon-arms, but standing and trading blows against one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA doesn’t seem like the best game plan.

The shadow of Jon Jones will be watching over this fight, as it’s hard to imagine that he doesn’t get a shit against the winner as his comeback fight. The UFC may want to give him a tune up, but we’ll have to wait and see.

“You’re going to see me get my hand raised,” Cormier told TMZ. “This time, no wrestling. No wrestling. Only boxing. If ‘Rumble’ wants to box, we can box, let’s go. He said he was going to knock me out. I’m gonna knock him out.”

It’s your turn to play coach… do you think Cormier should stand and bang with Rumble, and try to win this fight on the feet? Or should be rely more on his wrestling pedigree to get it done?

Who ya got in this one?

“It’s my intention [to box],” Cormier said. “Now, if stuff starts to go sideways there could be an audible. I could call an audible, I can’t really promise I’ll stick to the game plan. But yea, it is my intention to stand with that man.

“I’m gonna go right in there and punch him up. Fold him up, right in the belly, like a lawn chair.”

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