Dana White Sadly Admits Ronda Rousey Will Never Fight Again


It’s tough times between the UFC and some of their biggest stars.

Between Conor McGregor going rogue and Dana White threatening his career, and now Dana revealing that he really doesn’t think Ronda will ever fight again, the UFC have lost their two biggest draws, fresh on the heels of the sale.

It’s safe to say that the UFC wouldn’t have sold for 4 billion dollars if it wasn’t for the massive rise of Conor and Ronda over the past few years, they were doing huge numbers and really put the sport on the map again. Now, both of their careers are up in the air. The new owners took on a lot of debt, they’ve been cutting costs by reducing staff, and they’ve been putting together ‘money fights’ as often as possible, but with Ronda and Conor out of the picture, there’s a lot less ‘money fights’ to put together.

“She’s good, you know, she’s doing her thing. The conversation I had her with her, if I had to say it right here right now–and I don’t like saying anything because it’s up to her–but I wouldn’t say she fights again. “


“It’s not even that I think it was an invincible thing, I think she is just so competitive  her career and her record meant everything to her,” White said. “Once she lost, she started to say to herself, ‘Why the f*ck am I doing this? Is this my whole life? Is this just it?’ 

“I think she just thought she wanted to experience and do other things, and that’s what she started to do. She’s got a lot of money and she’s never going to need money again. Unless you spend money like crazy, like Floyd [Mayweather], you aren’t going to need money again when you have the kind of money like Ronda has. She has a cute place down in Venice, California, and I think she has some more plans to move to a more desolate place and do her thing.”

Dana White on Ronda’s legacy:

“Look, man, I’m happy for her,” White said. “She came in and she changed the world. She put female fighting on the map and she’s been a part of the biggest fights in the history of women’s fighting. I hope those records can be broken. I don’t know if they can, but I hope they can.

 To hear the full interview, check out the Unfiltered Podcast and here’s the Q and A session from the lead image if you missed it, but the quotes from this article are from the podcast.

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