Dana To Ref: “Nobody gives a shit that u can make a heart … like a 12 year old girl”


So, you’ve all probabally seen that early stoppage in the Chisea vs Lee fight the other night. It definitely wasn’t ideal. It’s always tricky to criticize refs for ending something too soon, because it’s a tough job and they make mistakes, they’re never TRYING to ruin the fights, and it seems like airing on the side of fighter safety is always a good thing – especially in light of recent events which include a fight that went on too long, resulting in the death of a fighter.

None the less, this was a pretty rough stoppage. Dana White took to Instagram to get “Mario Mazzagatti” know how he really felt:

Ignoring the fact that Dana White types like a 12 year old… hey goof, there’s no 140 character limit on Instagram.

It just seems weird to have the President of a league sending these types of attacks to the officials. Refs screw up, EVERY ref has messed up before. That doesn’t excuse an early stoppage, but an early stoppage also doesn’t excuse Dana White acting like an 11 year old bully.

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