Dana White Has Chuck Liddell’s Shorts Hanging On His Wall For This Reason


Dana White and Tito Ortiz have a weird history. They used to be friends and business partners as Dana worked for both Tito and Chuck, before the guys both ended up in the UFC when Dana became president of the UFC.

There was that whole show about Dana and Tito fighting each other in a boxing match, stories about them getting into an actual fight on an airplane, and obviously all the bad blood that was handled very publicly like Tito’s “DANA IS MY BITCH” shirt.

In a radio interview going back a few years that was recently dug up, Dana White revealed that he has Chuck Liddell’s shorts hanging on the wall in his house. Why? Those were the shorts and that Chuck was wearing when he beat Tito. Dana asked him for them before the fight even took place, he wanted a souvenir of Chuck beating Tito, so Dana got the gloves, the shorts, and got them framed and mounted on his wall.

The more you know…

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