Dana White Defends Trump, Attacks Meryl Streep, Calls Her “an uppity, 80-year old”


Dana White and Donald Trump go way back. Long before Dana White has giving a speech at the Republican National Convention, he was trying to build MMA and the UFC from the ground up. Early on, it was hard to find venues that would accept MMA, many of the big hotels and casinos shunned the sport since it was marketed as pure bloodsport. But there was one man who was an early supporter, and happy to let Dana and his fighters put on shows at his venues, and that man was Donald Trump.


Donald Trump was an EARLY supporter of MMA, when everyone else was still ignorant and politicans were calling it “human cockfighting” and completly disrespecting the sport and athletes involved in mixed martial arts.

Well, MMA seems to have gotten caught in the crossfire again, as legendary actress Meryl Streep said that if Donald Trump gets rid of all of the immigrants in Hollywood that there wouldn’t be any art left, that we’d be stuck watching football and MMA.

It’s a really ignorant comment on the part of Streep, but it’s nothing to get too worked up over either, she’s obviously ignorant to MMA, she’s not the typical demographic of an MMA fan. She’s probabally been flipping through channels a few times, came across a Fox fight card, and judged the sport harshly because she didn’t understand what was going on. That’s fair, that’s fine, whatever?

Her implication is that MMA is not art, and it’s not a diverse sport. A lesbian woman has headlined two massive cards in the 6 months to a year (Nunes at 200 and 207), there are many fighters from all around the world coming together to compete.

“It’s not gonna be everybody’s thing and the last thing I expect is an uppity 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic and love mixed martial arts,” Dana White said.

When asked if he thought Streep was taking a direct shot at MMA, here’s what White had to say:

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