Too Hot For TV

Crazy Woman Completely Destroys Her Boyfriend After Catching Him Texting

Too Hot For TV

She caught him texting another girl, and didn’t react to it in a calm way. This guy’s girlfriend gave him a total beat-down, it looked like she was Amanda Nunes and the boyfriend was Ronda Rousey. Dude got lit up.

After the assaults him in the bathtub and drags him around the floor, kneeing his head into the toilet, she’s screaming at him and asking “DID YOU THINK I WAS CRAZY???” The answer is… well… this video speaks for itself. (Yes, she’s crazy. She’s out of her mind and brutally assaulting this man.)


If your girlfriend is an aspiring MMA fighter, it’s a good idea to avoid texting other girls and cheating on her. It makes you wonder who is actually filming all this. At one point, the camera person even tells the lady to stop and chill out, because she’s going absolutely insane, booting this guy in the head, risking permanent damage. They’re debating going outside, but one of them points out that security would get ahold of them.

She’s like Holly Holm with those head kicks…


After it’s all done, the guy’s just over in the corner trying to recover, and she runs back over to him for a few extra shots for the road. It gets to a point where it’s actually tough to watch. We don’t know the backstory or what this guy was texting another woman about, but he clearly can’t even defend himself and should get out of this abusive relationship as soon as possible. Maybe he just wanted to make absolutely sure that he didn’t defend himself in a way that could make it look like he was somehow attacking her, especial with it all caught on camera.

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