Conor McGregor Sentenced To 25 Hours of Community Service For This Reason


Conor McGregor finally got his final punishment handed down to him for the whole water bottle throwing incident. Originally, Nevada tried to fine him 150k, and Conor was like “NOPE.”

He really has all the leverage here, since he can just refuse to fight in Vegas again and cost them millions. Obviously, they don’t want to risk that over a measly 150k, so after the dust settled and people stopped paying attention, they dropped it to 25k which is enough to notice, but not an amount that’s going to impact Conor at all. Basically it allows the athletic commission to try to save face, while still acting like they have the power here.

Conor McGregor Reality Show?

And let’s be real, who wouldn’t sign up for a Fightpass trial if they made a show following McGregor around while doing community service? UFC, if you’re listening, that one’s a freebie. You might not watch it, but you know some people would.

So what’s the moral of the story? Be the biggest PPV draw, throw around some water bottles to promote your fight, reject the initial fine that the governing body tries to assign you, and wait for it to all blow over.

When Jon Jones had to serve community service, he was able to visit schools and talk to the kids to motivate them with speeches. It’s unclear what Conor will have to do for his own community service, but 25 hours isn’t that long, a few hours a day for a week, and he saves 125,000, even though saving money is a bit out of character for McGregor.

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