Conor McGregor Looks WRECKED After Epic 3 Day Bender


Conor McGregor has been taking some time away from the fight game. Admist recent rumors that he could be facing Tyron Woodley for the 170 pound belt, he’s just been doing his thing. Note: Those rumors have been shot down by Ariel Helwani. Tyron is hitting the gym to train for an upcoming fight, but apparently it’s not against Conor.

In any case, Conor’s just been partying and living it up, after taking a private jet into Liverpool and spending the weekend going absolutely ballistic, to a point where locals are tweeting about the madness.

Here are some snapshots of Conor’s wild party weekend. Seems like he’s blowing off some steam before the new baby, and before the media blitz starts up for whoever he ends up fighting later this summer.

Locals were losing it over the fact that Conor was hitting up their favorite spots on his whirlwind tour of clubs and parties.

He stopped to take pictures and chill with fans. 

And you better believe he made it rain.


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