Conor McGregor Goes On a Shooting Spree Against Floyd Mayweather and his Team


Conor’s trash talk has been next level for a long time, beyond just press conferences or tweets. He released an emoji app for $3 that’s filled with emojis of him beating up Floyd, knocking him out, Floyd begging Conor for the fight, etc. People pay Conor money in order to see him talk trash about his opponents. There are also emojis for some of his major knockout wins.

Here’s an animation put together by a guy named Mojahed Fudailat, whose 3d animation game is on point.

The video shows Conor and Floyd going over their contract, and Conor being upset that he’s getting paid less than Floyd. He straps up, and goes on a shooting spree.

As far as we can tell, this was just fan-made and wasn’t financed by Conor or anything… but seriously, Conor, we know you read this site, you’ve got to give this guy a gig. You’ve reached a level where simply shit talking on your own isn’t enough, you need an army of guys to help. You’ve got the emojis, now you need an official animation guy.

These are some Scarface style negotiation tactics, check it out:

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